Release Negative Emotions – (RNE)

In your journey of life, especially at the important juncture are you faced with problems about mental peace, success, relationships, profession, career or physical health?  Are you unable to understand the reason behind your failure?  Are you experiencing repeated disappointment, stress, mental and physical sickness? If yes, then you have to look into your thoughts/mindset, because the root cause of all the above mentioned problems are the Negative Emotions in our mind.

What are Negative Emotions?

Depending upon many incidences that have occurred in the past, we experience feelings such as fear, worry, care, stress, sorrow, disappointment, dissatisfaction, uneasiness, anger or helplessness. These feelings are Negative Emotions.

What do these Negative Emotions do?

In our life, our past is always along with us. Our mind always carries the emotions from past experiences and we feel them repeatedly. Even over a long period of time, we cannot forget the emotions linked to our past.  At times, we feel that we have forgotten these emotions but whenever similar instances occur around us, or  we hear about similar instances, these old emotions or memories are revived with the same intensity. We feel the same mental stress again. Some instances and  experiences have such a strong influence on us, that they change the direction of our life completely. One just changes drastically. The way of his life is totally changed.  Life is completely shattered.

The effects of Negative Emotions on our life :

  1. Loss of physical and mental strength.
  2. You feel very disappointed and you lose excitement.
  3. You feel depressed, suffer from mental sickness like nervous breakdown.
  4. Experience failure on many thresholds  in life.
  5. Physical sicknesses get severe.
  6. Loss of confidence.
  7. Feel the fear of mingling or interacting  with people.
  8. Relationships are disturbed, family is disturbed.
  9. Problems are created about children.
  10.  Failure in career, profession.
  11. Sexual problems crop up.
  12. Loss of once on self-esteem, dependence on others becomes a habit.
  13. Personal interactions, lifestyle is affected.
  14. Many such other problems crop up.

How to get out of your Negative Emotions?

However hard you try not to think negatively, these thoughts keep on troubling us. In order to make our mind-set positive we have to totally uproot these negative emotions from our mind. This can be done with the help of Release Negative Emotions technique. If you can spare 20 to 30 minutes daily for yourself, you can get rid of these negative emotions with the help of this technique.

How does this technique work?

All the negative emotions are stored in the cell memory of our cells. Our cells have a huge collection of information about our body, mind, emotions, spiritual progress and so on. This information is constantly updated. Our daily experiences and emotions which are created out of this information add up to the earlier information. All the information till this moment is stored in the cell memory and is saved till the end of our life. Each and every cell has the property of retaining this information. Thus even after a long gap of time, we experience these feelings with the same intensity.

Talk with your happiness (Release Negative Emotions, RNE), therapy of healing, helps you to remove the negative emotions from your cell memory.

Benefits of Release Negative Emotions experienced by some people.

  1. Experienced positive thinking at personal level
  2. Enhanced self-confidence.
  3. Fear, insecurity feelings reduced.
  4. Sleeplessness at nights reduced.
  5. Disturbed relationships reduced and communication induced.
  6. Experienced peace and stability on mental and physical level.
  7. Helped in spiritual progress/ development.
  8. Felt energetic/excited in daily chores.
  9. Felt awakened about one’s own thoughts.
  10. Reduced mental confusion.
  11. Helped to achieve career and professional goals with confidence.
  12. Students felt de-stressed and were able to control the fear of exams, concentration levels increased.

13. Experienced clarity of thought.

So how would you go about healing technique?

We have designed a Training Course on Release Negative Emotions Healing

      Duration: 4 hours

      You will also get a complimentary copy of the book Healing- The path of life    in English orहिलिंग – एक प्रकाशवाट in Marathi.

You can also avail of Release Negative Emotions healing through distance healing method as under:

Option 1: Tarrot card based case study + customised chant(which would be as per your individual problem).

Option 2; Tarrot card based case study+customised chant ( as per your individual problem) + 21 sessions(minimum) of distance healing.

For details about the course, personal talk or online consultation(Whatsapp/Video call/Audio call) by prior appointment,

please call: Mrs. Vrushali Girish Lele

Mobile No: 9769011530/916777732