About Vrushali

Vrushali Lele is the founder of the Nirmal Visawa Healing Center. She has undertaken following education in the field of healing:

NLP practioner ,Reiki Master, TERAMAI  Seichem  Master and Teacher, Radical Healing, Tarot Card reader, Angel therapy, Graphology, Pranik Healing, Lama phera ,Yogmala Grandmaster, Master Teacher in Magnified Healing.


Vrushali Lele is working in the healing sector for last 8 years. She has learned different modalities in healing area.  With her healing she touches each and every area of her clients’ life. She gives directions, guidance to each and every client like a family member. Many people have been benefited because of her healings. She is very powerful healer blessed with divine energy.

Tarot card reader

Vrushali Lele is also an expert tarot card reader. She uses tarot card reading to know the root-cause of your problems and suggest your different solutions. She offers to teach and train in Tarot Card Reading. 


Vrushali Lele wrote a book in Marathi which explains the importance of healing technique in 2017. To spread the importance and information of healing she wrote a book having detailed information about healing and some case studies, so the reader can understand in what way and in which area of life healing is useful. In 2019 she publishes English translation of her Marathi book

Name of Marathi book -हींलिंग- एक प्रकाशवाट
Name of English book – Healing the path of light
Both books are available at bookganga.com


Vrushali Lele, also loves to tell a nice story in all of her Talk with your Happiness episodes published on YouTube. In school, under her social project of Nirmal Visawa, she tells stories to children and makes them to think on good morals, good things. Due to stories, it is easy for everyone to connect to the subject easily. Through stories we can realise the things better.


COVID pandemic had disturbed everyone’s mental health. Everyone was under immense pressure, tension, fear.  To help people to come out of this mental state and help them remain calm in such unforeseen circumstance. She started her first online meditation series- “Talk with your Happiness”

Each episode is focused on some or other emotions

Connected to that in 1st part of Talk with your Happiness she tells us story which makes us aware about our thinking process. Makes us think the things in different way. The story followed by meditation based on PurvaSmruti Healing Therapy.

These are online pre-recorded meditations; you will have to listen to the meditation and follow through as instructed in the audio. It gives you a good relaxation and Happiness.

Please visit & subscribe to our YouTube channel, Vrushali Lele – talk with your happiness series.

एक प्रकाशवाट

Healing –
The Path Of Light

Founder of Nirmal Visawa Centre

Vrushali Lele has been working in this field since 2013. After seeing the benefits of healing on her life, thus making it her focus of spreading these benefits to others as well. Hence, she founded Nirmal Visawa Healing centre with the sole purpose of spreading the benefits of healing process among the people.

Nirmal Visawa Healing Centre was founded on 23rd Jan 2014. We, since 2014, have healed and benefited many people in many aspects of their lives. 

We also arrange a yearly programme to appreciate and felicitate some of our family members by taking to highlight the great work done by them in their respective field

Founder PurvaSmruti Healing Therapy

Vrushali Lele developed a liking for spiritual path right from her childhood days. She is a disciple of Gondavlekar Maharaj. She has pursued her detailed study in this field and attained spiritual progress through the medium of Healing.
In March 2019, Vrushali Lele recieved guidance about Purvasmriti Healing Therapy, from the inspirations she got from Swami Samartha. Accordingly, she started recommending chants to all those people who came to her with their problems. These chants gave them positive results. As these chants work on the cell energies, one could experience the changes in their own thought process. People got relief from their mental, physical, financial and relationship problems. With a view to spread this simple and easy therapy among a large number of people, she has, among her various projects, presently introduced ‘Ready to hear meditations Purvasmruti Healing workshops’.