About Vrushali

Vrushali Lele is the founder of the Nirmal Visawa Healing Center. She has undertaken following education in the field of healing:

NLP practioner ,Reiki Master, TERAMAI  Seichem  Master and Teacher, Radical Healing, Tarot Card reader, Angel therapy, Graphology, Pranik Healing, Lama phera ,Yogmala Grandmaster, Master Teacher in Magnified Healing .

Vrushali Lele has been working in this field since 2013. After seeing the benefits of healing on her life, thus making it her focus of spreading these benefits to others as well. Hence, she founded Nirmala Visawa Healing centre with the sole purpose of spreading the benefits of healing process among the people.On 17th December, 2017, she wrote and published a book in Marathi called, ‘Healing- Ek Prakashwat’. This book is based on her experiences of healing herself and others.    This book is available on www.bookganga.com and www.amazon.in This book received huge response from the readers and also demanded for the book to be translated into English. In respect to that demand, English translation of the Marathi book Healing – The Path of light which was published on May 7, 2019.