Nirmal vishwa started on 23 Jan 2014. Nirmal vishwa believes always in appreciation. Appreciation for your work, dedication and achievement gives you strength,happiness and motivation. Keeping this in mind nirmal vishwa always loves to honour family members of nirmal vishwa for there achievements.

1st programme of Vardhapandin 

On 23 January 2015 in occasion of completing one year. we arrange one small function at center. We arrange a talk show with  Rajashree Viswasrao who received.

Rajiv Gandhi award for best entrepreneur, about her journey. It is very inspiring to listen her experiences. There are around 30 ladies were there for this event.

2nd programme of vardhapan din (27 January 2016)

We decided to felicitate two ladies for there special contribution in society. 

1st one is Swati joshi who is working in yoga field since last 15 years. She is well-known yoga teacher who helps many people to come out of there physical issues.2 2nd one is Bhavana Joglekar ,who runs online marriage bhari since last 12 years. When she starts marriage buaro ,that time the concept was totally new. He has to struggle to create faith about this concept in people’s mind.

The founder of Nirmal viswa, Vrushali Lele,  took interview of both them. The interview was very excellent which explains there journey in details.

On completion of 3 years (27 January 2017)

Nirmal vishwa keeps it’s. Idea of appreciation and felicitation continue. 

This year again there are two ladies on stage. The  1st one was Anita Padhye the  well-known Auther in Marathi. Founder Vrushali Lele took her interview about her journey of book writing as well as her career in media.

The second one was Smita Jadye. Who is doing Kirtan since last 10/12 years. Kirtan is a paramparik programme which explains us about spiritual concepts. In kirtan one should have ability to sing well,to speech well, and have a deep knowledge in puranas of hindu mythology.

On  this occasion  nirmal viswas felicitate Rohini Desai , international Reikey Master for her Great Contribution in healing Area.

Inauguration function of Book written by, The founder of Nirmal Visawa ,Vrushali Lele. (17th December 2017)

To spread awaness about healing Vrushali Lele wrote a book.
हिलींग-एक प्रकाशवाट.which explains in detail about what is healing. Also gives case study to explain how healing helps you in your life.

The  book inaugurated by Sukanya Mone, well-known marathi Actress, and by Dr Puranik , orthopedic surgeon. Sukanya mone mam and Dr puranik both in there speech explained the importance of healing in everybody’s life.and also shared there experiences.

Nirmal vishwa celebrates  it’s 5 th anniversary. (7 May 2019)

On this day appreciation and felicitation is done for two ladies. And also the inauguration of English Book (translation of marathi book) Healing-the path of light is done. 

Manjiri Vaidya who is  granthpal in Tilak Mandir Library  at parla. She is doing her job not just for a sake but taking care of each and every book as it’s own child.always  Taking extra efforts to preserve old books. Nirmal visawa felicitate her for her outstanding contribution towards library and books.

The second lady was Sukanya Mone well-known marathi  actress. She done her Arrangetram at age of 50 inspire if all physical problems. Nirmal vishwa felicitate her for this. 

The english book inauguration done by Sunil Barve ji a well-known Marathi Actor. 

Social Aspect

The founder Vrushali Lele, in academic year 2019-20 used to go in Maharashtra School at Goregaon west to take “Story Telling Session”. Students were excited to hear new stories which they could relate easily themselves with. Through these stories, she taught them to think positive thoughts and overcome their fear.

The story telling session was followed by one meditation. There were significant results of the entire session on students. These sessions helped increase their confidence, and increase their thought clarity.