Nirmal Visawa Wellness Center was established on 23 January 2014 by Vrushali Lele. The centre was named after her mother, Nirmala Madhav Joshi. Late. Nirmala had a very calm and loving personality. She loved to spread happiness among the people. Her thought of spreading happiness among the people lay as a foundation stone of Nirmal Visawa. We thrive to provide same kind of love and warmth to anyone who comes to this center.

In last 5 and half years, we have worked on healing various number of problems faced by people and they have observed significant positive changes in their life. This center continues progressing only through the mouth publicity and experiences of the people.

Whenever people arrive at the center with a problem or a question, the detail study of the questions or problems are done using the guidance of Tarot Cards, which further lets us know how many sessions are required to complete the treatment. The treatment is taken up by prior appointments only.

Vrushali Lele believes that Healing is useful tool for everyone, thus aims to reach out with it to many people through treatment. Apart from the treatment, we also provide certified training for some healing methods.