In life, everyone is fighting to get Happiness and Prosperity. Everybody wishes to have happiness in life. Normally when we say prosperity, we always think about the huge amounts of money, assets, lavish and luxurious life. But only money and assets do not bring happiness and prosperity in our lives.

At Nirmal Visawa, we have divided our prosperity into 4 aspects:

1) Mental Prosperity
2) physical Prosperity
3) financial Prosperity
4) Relationship Prosperity

All of these aspects are incredibly important for us to work upon in order to achieve prosperity in our life.

If we have a lot of money and our physical condition is not good, we are not able to enjoy our life. Even if we have money, physical strength we require a good and happy relationship with our beloved once to have happiness in our life. So we don’t feel happy by having just one of our aspects fulfilled. We need Prosperity from  all four Directions. Stable, confident mind, good health, sufficient money, and good relationships make us prosperous from all directions. For leading a prosperous life, we need to have a prosperous Thought pattern or Thought Process. Our thought process leads us to take concrete actions and focused efforts which in turn leads to success as we desire.

It is always necessary to first analyze our thoughts to achieve what we want. But in life, we always focus on problems, not on solutions. We are not aware that we need to analyze our own thought processes. The awareness of the process automatically helps us to find solutions to all your problems.

The PurvaSmruti healing therapy helps you to attain such a prosperous thought process.

How to be a part of PurvaSmruti  Healing Workshop.

What are aspects wise benefits of these workshops:

In which area of your life you can take help of PurvaSmruti healing therapy

A) Mental Prosperity

  • To keep the mind calm, stable and peaceful
  • To come out of confusion mental state
  • To increase self-confidence
  • To reduce fear
  • To reduce Anxiety, insecurity
  • To reduce anger, to remove stored Anger
  • To deal with depression
  • To reduce frustration,
  • To achieve goals,
  • To deal with some mental problems
  • To get the strength to overcome addictions
  • To get mental strength to handle Hormonal changes, menopause problems, periods problems
  • To come out of the grief of personal loss
  • To study with concentration
  • To take the decision
  • To reduce fear of giving the speech, or talking in meetings
  • To respect one’s self, self-love
  • To reduce restlessness, loneliness
  • To reduce stress, pressure, tension

B) Physical Prosperity

  • To increase physical strength
  • To maintain physical strength
  • For fast recovery after operation or surgery
  • To get mental strength in long treatments, major illness
  • To deal with hormonal imbalance, menopause problems, periods problem, PCOD problems
  • Teenager physical problems
  • Weight loss/Weight gain

C) Financial Prosperity

  • To increase incoming income
  • To get new opportunities to increase money
  • To get a good Job
  • To take correct decision about career,/Business
  • To maintain money, to reduce excess spending habit

D) Relationship Prosperity

  • To maintain good communication in the relationship
  • To get mental strength in case of divorce, separation.
  • To avoid excess emotional dependency on someone
  • To reduce pressure, tensions in the Relationship.
  • To increase trust, respect for each other in the relationship
  • To be prepared for marriage
  • To take the decision about marriage partner with clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

What are past memories?
What are these past memories?

These memories exist in varied forms of emotions.

They memories take form of multiple reactions, reflexes, physical responses, feelings, comprehensions, belief, faith etc. These reactions are generated during the incident or after the occurance of the incident.

Where do these memories exist or stored?

All these memories are stored/preserved in the cells of the memory bank in our brain and they are updated from time to time.

How are the memories preserved in brain?

An event/incident occurs.

Our five senses experience it.

Our brain collects the details, information
And determines the response to it.

In reality, the type of responses may be same or different.

What are the memories of the incident?

One may not remember each and every event or incident in ones’ life but the memories of incidents which have a great impact on one’s life are buried deep down in the memory bank along with reactions/ responses. We are totally ignorant/ unaware of the form in which these memories are stored deep within. We only bear the consequences of these memories.

What are the consequences that we experience?
  1. Loss of physical and mental strength
  2. You feel very disappointed and you lose excitement
  3. You feel depressed, suffer from mental sickness like nervous breakdown
  4. Experience failure on many thresholds in life
  5. Physical sicknesses get severe
  6. Loss of confidence
  7. Feel the fear of mingling or interacting with people
  8. Relationships are disturbed, family is disturbed
  9. Problems are created about children
  10. Failure in career, profession
  11. Sexual problems
  12. Loss of once on self-esteem, dependence on others becomes a habit
  13. Personal interactions, lifestyle is affected
  14. Many such other problems