The following trainings have been organized in Nirmal Visawa.

1. PurvaSmruti Healing Workshop

2. Tarot Card Reading

3. Golden Tera-mai Seichem Healing


PurvaSmruti Healing Workshops

Basic Level –
This level is all about Balance your own emotions.

  • Energy Exchange Rs. 1800/-
  • Duration one calendar month.
  • It also includes attunement which would help to enhance your power.
  • Enroll yourself with help of Google-form.
  • (This level is available in Marathi and Hindi)The peculiarieties of the PurvaSmruti Workshop:
  • The meditations are pre-recorded and ready to
  • The chants’ vibrations would work on your brain and body simultaneously.
  • The duration of this workshop is for 30/31 days.
  • The expected duration of the meditation is minimum 21 days.
  • The subscription can be used for a month.
  • Once you subscribe for the Therapy, you can listen to the meditation as per your convenience.
  • Information regarding the course.

Just enroll yourself by filling in one google form.

Duration of  PurvaSmruti Workshops: 31 days

How to attend these workshops:

  • It is ready to hear meditations
  • You just have to listen to it and flow
  • The meditations are offered in two languages: Marathi & Hindi
  • In 31 days duration, you have to listen to these meditations a minimum of 21 times
  • You can hear this at your convenience. At any time that is suitable to you.
  • All the meditations are for 35 to 40 minutes. We just ask your 35 to 40 minutes out of 24 hours.
    • We will be forming a WhatsApp group for every batch where you can get other chants that are useful to you, as well as you can ask all your doubts openly.The only thing is required to access the meditations is you must have your Gmail account.


    Tarot Reading

    Universe keeps guiding & helping us all the time, we usually call it Intuition. Unfortunately many of us have managed to completely lose it. Tarot Cards is one simple and easy way get back that lost connection with the universe. There are 72 cards in a Tarot deck which can be seen in two ways, making it 144 possible interpretations. Learn the art of Reading these Tarot Cards, their meaning and how to find answers using this technique.

    Seichem Healing

    Most of you have heard about Reiki, which is a healing of Earth Element. Seichem is healing of all the five elements i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Angelic Light.

    Learn the art and science of healing yourself and others using the amazing techniques of Seichem Healing with us.